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Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Contention - Essay Example This contention is obvious from the presence of strategies, for example, parole where a person who has not completed their sentence completely is assessed to decide if they have gained from their errors and in the event that it is set up that they have, they are discharged sooner than the decided date with outside oversight In any case, society doesn't treat ex criminals like the jail framework fills in as it is expected by doing such things as removing their democratic rights. It tends to be said that by doing this the legislature is communicating its absence of confidence in the remedial framework they have set up for on the off chance that one has really gained from their mix-ups and has improved as an individual would it be a good idea for them to be permitted to cast a ballot? The way that they are relied upon to do satisfy different commitments, for example, make good on their duties yet they are not permitted to pick the pioneers of their nation additionally exhibits a degree of uncalled for treatment of these ex-criminals (Kevin). When a criminal is discharged in the wake of serving their term it is said that they have served their sentence and in this way they ought to be given indistinguishable rights from some other resident in the nation, this incorporates the option to cast a ballot. Denying ex-criminals this privilege exhibits a degree of trashing just as they are thrown away from a procedure that every other person of legitimate age can take an interest in. This shows an absence of trust in them and regarding them as though they are not quite the same as every other person doesn't help in the push to reintegrate them into society, which is the thing that the administration claims are their goals after their discharge. There is additionally the basic contention that since somebody has gone to jail doesn't imply that they are not, at this point ready to figure out who they think should lead their nation (Kevin). Rewarding ex-criminals like they are no longer piece of the nation which is basically what is being done when they are denied

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Monitoring pain response in DBS patients Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Observing agony reaction in DBS patients - Essay Example Subsequently, scientists have introduced a few investigations to decide and clarify the DBS system such that individuals could comprehend. High-recurrence incitement is the strategy used to limit the tremors and seizures (Kim 2013). DBS is accepted to trigger the arrival of neurochemical by the utilization of high recurrence incitement. DBS is valuable in this filled on the grounds that it helps in alleviation and the executives of torment in patients with development issue. In any case, it additionally presents a few difficulties that compromise its compelling application, for instance, later and future changes in innovation, demeanor, just as wellbeing dangers, for example, cerebrum dying, stroke among others (Kim 2013). This paper tries to investigate this point by seeing writing survey if the issue, late turns of events and its advantages in the region of biomedical designing. Presentation DBS is a careful treatment whereby a neurostimulator gadget conveys minute electrical signs to the pieces of the mind that controls development. This happens in three sections; initial, a dainty protected wire alluded to as terminal is put into the mind. Second, a neurostimulator (pace-producer like gadget) is set under the skin close to the collarbone or might be put elsewhere in the body. In conclusion, an augmentation as another slight, protected wire associates the anode to the neurostimulator. DBS was found in 1980s to soothe tremor utilizing high recurrence incitement of specific pieces of the cerebrum. Accordingly, DBS supplanted the customary ablative methodology by rising as the careful treatment alternative for development issue, for example, tremors, Parkinson’s ailment, spasms and dystonia. The DBS framework can be actuated and deactivated by placing a magnet in the territory of the chest with the IPG or neurostimulator. This has a little battery of a life expectancy of five years, which creates the electrical heartbeats required for incitement (Patters on, et al. 2007). Not at all like in the conventional ablative techniques, the animating anodes in DBS, which incorporates voltage, beat width and recurrence of incitement, can be modified and changed in accordance with an individual’s needs. Further, there is uncommon event of potential dangers, for example, contamination, stroke or discharge. In the event that symptoms happen, they are reversible and incorporate gulping and discourse troubles, shortcoming, and anomalous sensations. DBS was chiefly utilized for treatment of development issue related with Parkinson’s illness and basic tremor, however it has since been applied to certain nonmotor conditions and different sorts of development issue. The principle objective of DBS is to assuage torment or reestablish work by invigorating neural action by utilization of carefully embedded terminal. Writing Review Mechanism of Action Since its presentation, DBS keeps on being powerful in diminishing dyskinesias, improving e ngine capacity and decreasing manifestation changes brought by on-off medicine impacts particularly on account of Parkinson’s ailment (Maruo, et al. 2011). Accomplishment in DBS treatment relies upon exact unbiased focusing on, cautious determination of patients, and broad individualized programming. Most importantly DBS doesn't treat the scatters totally, yet it helps in overseeing torment and diminishing extreme indications in Parkinson’s sickness, for example, unbending nature, tremor, sluggish developments, solidness and strolling issues (Burns, et al. 2007). DBS medical procedure has been fruitful in treating neuropathic torment, yet the

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Compare constitutional protections of aboriginal rights in Canada to Essay

Look at established insurances of native rights in Canada to practically identical rights securities in another nation with an indigenous populace - Essay Example allotment in Canada show that the Canadian government has exhibited enthusiasm for making statements that would advance the privileges of the aboriginals, yet in addition bunch them under an exceptional classification which would empower the network to appreciate government security. In an offer to outline the inclusion of different governments in securing the privileges of aboriginals, the paper would think about the sacred assurance of the native rights in Canada and Australia. Both Australian constitution and Canadian constitution perceives the native network and the Torres Straight Islanders. This progression is basic in reinforcing the privileges of the native network in the two nations. Be that as it may, the constitution of separate nations appears to extend or characterize the degree of insurance that it can give to the native network. For example, in the two cases, the constitution of the two nations specifies that it will advance the way of life and custom of the native network in right now and later on. As indicated by the arrangement of this proviso, the constitution characterizes the insurance of the social exercises of the native network (Uribe, 2004:1-18). The social right incorporates indigenous practices and conventions that are interchangeable with the indigenous network. The establishment of the area 35(1), Constitutional Act 1982 of the Canadian constitution doesn't just perceive, yet in addition asserts the presence of the native bargain rights. The Supreme Court choice in the sparrow case showed that the area 35(1) has set new element of ensuring the privileges of the aboriginals. Accessible writing demonstrates that it overrides the pioneer milestones, which banned the Canadian native from some crucial rights (Uribe, 2004:1-18). Despite what might be expected, the Australian constitution neglects to exhibit the security of the Indigenous rights. The Kruger’s case is one of the verifiable occurrences where the assurance of

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Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Can Be Fun for Everyone

Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Can Be Fun for Everyone All About Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay You have to be thinking what difference does this make. The very first thing you ought to do is identify the form of compare and contrast essay which you are handling. The point is you maynot impress the professor if you aren't able to conclude the essay. Want to Know More About Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay? Before starting to compose an essay, it is extremely important first to comprehend what it is about. The next thing to do is to cover the essay. Before starting an essay, it is necessary to understand what you're writing for. The above mentioned compare and contrast essay topics are just a couple of many topics it is possible to decide to talk about in your essay. You must research your topic to select three claims. You can begin with the kind of topic you pick for your compare and con trast essay. Should you need some examples to aid you with your essay topic associated with obesity, dive into this informative article and choose from the list of obesity essay topics. Getting the Best Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Comparative analysis essay might appear to be a complicated endeavor, but should you follow all the measures mentioned in our guideline, the writing process will develop into far easier! Among the distinctive characteristics of a comparative paper is the fact that it gives you the ability to choose between multiple organizational strategies. As previously mentioned, the comparative analysis is a little tricky when it has to do with its principal concept. Comparative analysis as a writing technique isn't the simplest task to do. The New Fuss About Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Let's take a better look at some structural facets of comparative analysis essays. These essays are primarily ab out comparing and contrasting different characteristics of the subjects in question. There are a lot of possible compare and contrast essay topics, and a number of them are tricky to perform. So now you understand how to pick the best compare and contrast topics and the various segments which you want to address when writing. Essay outline acts as a spine for writing essays. Essays have various structures. Making an essay isn't an easy job. The New Angle On Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Just Released The essay might have a very bad outlook and contain a whole lot of typographical errors. The essay topic ideas are passed through a highly effective Copyscape application to make sure that it's not plagiarized. Before writing a comparative essay, you should first arm yourself with the information you will need. It is not easy to locate a terrific website with free examples of argumentative papers and affordable custom made essays. The New Angle On Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay Just Released Writing a comparative essay is similar to arranging a party in the feeling that you absolutely musthave a strategy. You may attract books, movies or articles which are discussing exactly the same topic you're likely to approach in your essay. Maintaining the important points of dissimilarities and similarities connected with the essay topic can help you discuss things in a better means in the last copy. If you opt to write on comparative essay topics you have to realize that you need to do far more research especially because here you'll be comparing at least two things thus you might be working on more things than two things. Picking out the appropriate topics might take a while in case you don't have a list of sample topics facing you. Since you may see, the topics are broken up into multiple categories so it would be simpler that you select one. Before you begin, it is imperative to choose topics that you truly know well. It's needless to mention your topics ought to be precise and on point. A comparative analysis is among the most well-known varieties of assignments that are often given in colleges or universities. You simply have to order a fantastic essay from experts with the greatest academic degrees in an assortment of fields. When you are opting for your comparative essay topics, always make certain that you don't deviate from your field of study. Most students find it challenging to compose unique kinds of essays. Choose 1 of the Following Topics for Your Comparative Essay - Overview From understanding the kind of comparison you're supposed to make to jotting down the very important facets of the subject, composing comparative essays take lots of effort, concentration and a very clear comprehension of facts and figures before one makes the decision to compose the whole paper. Basically, the sections of an essay proved just 3 divisions. In the majority of in stances, the topics you pick should be closely related. In such sculptures the social significance of the man or woman could be decided by the statue's height and beard length. Argumentative essay ideas can be associated with the moral facets of human life. There are particular essay topics that were written on so many times like abortion and legalizing of marijuana that they've become worn out. There are many sorts of essays. For the reason, comparative essays are absolutely typical in academia.

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Forecasting Effectiveness Of The Exchange Rate Of Euro Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2297 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? The proposed title for this topic analysis is forecasting effectiveness of the exchange rate of Euro in the conditions of financial crisis. 2. Introduction and Background: There has been significant discussion within the financial management literature regarding the forecasting techniques used to analyse future turbulence within the currency exchange rates. This focus, according to Perry (2009) is due to the fact that any such fluctuations have a direct correlation with the profitability of an international firm. Yu et al (2006) has argued that currency fluctuation has increasingly become an important financial management phenomenon due to its direct correlation with the costing and pricing of the products, supplies, and operations of contemporary firms. It has been argued by Buti van den Noord (2009) that organisations that are only operational within single national economy are also subjected to the turbulence within the hard currencies as a number of raw materials and inputs of the value chain of the firm are internationally traded. According to Yu et al (2006), hard currencies are stable economic units that are used as key trading currencies due t o their relative reliability and stability over extended periods of time. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Forecasting Effectiveness Of The Exchange Rate Of Euro Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Euro has become increasingly important international currency since it was introduced within the EU on 1st January 1999. Drawing upon Emerging Europe Monitor (2009), it can be highlighted after the initial period of turbulence due to the harmonisation of exchange rates across the EU member states; the currency has become highly stable and is therefore become the second largest reserve currency in the world after the US Dollar. The stability of the currency has been recognised from the fact that it is adopted by more than 16 advanced and developed EU member states, which combined makes the second largest economy in the world based on cumulated GDP and purchasing power parity. This proposed research is therefore aimed at forecasting effectiveness of the exchange rate of Euro in the conditions of financial crisis. 3. Theory and Prior Research: Foreign exchange forecasting have been found as key mechanism across the markets of the world for a number of decades that challenge the efficient market hypothesis, i.e. currencies are rationally priced and reflect all the available information. Sosvilla-Rivero Garca (2005) has provided evidence for return reversal across markets in the long term while analysing the Dollar and Euro exchange rate forecasting. The study has provided empirical evidence by dividing the currencies into winners and losers based on their exchange rate fluctuations in past three years. It was found by the study that losers outperform winners in the five year returns to post-formation of these categories. These findings cannot be explained with rational pricing model, nor can it be explained through weak form of market efficiency. The researchers have explained this change in returns as over reaction of investors to past market and economic information. Dunis Williams (2002) have also linked market efficie ncy with the degree of forecasting within exchange rates while studying the momentum effect. The researchers noticed that investors that followed short term strategies of buying performing currencies and selling losing currencies over a three to twelve month time period resulted in significant positive returns over the three to twelve month holding time. It has been suggested by the researchers that this turbulence in prediction represents that buying and selling past winners and losers respectively will lead to the currency exchange to move temporarily away from their real long term value. Later studies have also found similar results and underlying reasons across the capital markets of the world, for example Jamaleh (2002) has studied twelve biggest European stock markets regarding the underlying reasons for momentum effect and signaled towards the weak form of efficiency as the main cause, which has been compared to the exchange rate forecasting by Savchenko Makar (2010). There is a school of thought that has related semi-strong form of market efficiency with exchange rate fluctuations and suggested that it is one of the major underlying cause of their presence in todays developed currency markets. The semi-strong market hypothesis, according to Sartore et al (2002), suggests that investors can not earn abnormal risk-adjusted returns using any information and data that is publicly available. The hypothesis has been challenged by a number of studies that have concluded that investors in some particular circumstances have been able to earn extra ordinary profits with the publicly available information. Jose (2001), for example has found through his longitudinal research that average returns of large caps were very low given their market beta values, while on the other end the average returns of small caps were too high. A similar such investigation has been undertaken by Mary (2002), who divided currencies into categories based on market capitalisation and average return over the first year after the formation. The study was used data over the period between 1963 and 1990, and found out that small caps during this time period outperformed the large caps by 0.76% on average return per month. Therefore, it can be suggested that market behaved against the predictions of the capital asset pricing (CAPM) model for currencies, which highlights that high caps earn higher than small caps. There has also been a discussion in the literature related to underlying reasons for turbulence in exchange rates that have been focused on the effects of economic announcements that also violates the semi-strong market efficiency hypothesis. One of the key studies in the area has been undertaken by Patrick (1998) that divided the currencies into ten different categories based on the change of earning surprise in the most recent economic and interest announcements. The methodology used by the research was to analyse the performance of each category during the sixty days period after the economic policy announcement. The study found out that the category with the highest value for good interest earnings outperform the category with the worst interest earnings announcements by a degree of 4%. Ales Jaromir (2010) has explained the phenomenon and suggested that currencies with positive earnings announcements have even higher stability in the time period prior to the policy announcement, and at the same time the negative announcements earn relatively higher turbulence. However, in the post announcement period, the currencies with higher earnings surprise also earn significant higher return, which in the case of research of Farhad (2004) is when the categories have been formed. Therefore, it has been suggested by the researcher that there is clear evidence that market under reacts to the new information available and the foreign exchange prices of hard currencies are slowly revised. The literature has also indicated other variables that have been linked with future foreign exchange performance predictions and forecasts. Drawing upon Andrew (2001), it can be suggested that these variables in currency exchanges are fundamentally scaled by pricing and therefore capital asset pricing model (CAPM) should be used. One of the types of scaled price ratio is the book to market ratio and companies with higher ratios are called value currencies, while with lower values are called growth currencies. According to CAPM, the growth currencies should outperform value growth on the basis of risk differentials attached with each, however the empirical evidence from across the currencies markets of the world negate this explanation. Patrick (1998), for example is one of the key empirical studies using major currencies data. The research divided currencies using the book-to-market ratio and calculated the average return for each category the year after their formation. It was found out by the research that value currencies performed 1.53% better than growth currencies in terms of average monthly returns. Drawing upon Buti van den Noord (2009), the difference between the between the average return of the value currencies and growth currencies is termed as value premium. This value premium has not been successfully explained with the help of market beta and price-to-earnings ratios. 4. Research Objectives: The proposed aim of this research is to critically analyse the effectiveness of forecasting the exchange rate of Euro in the conditions of financial crisis. In order to achieve the proposed aim of this study, the researcher has developed a range of specific research objectives, which have been summarised as follows: To critically analyse academic point of view surrounding forecasting of exchange rates in turbulent market conditions To analyse the effectiveness of the popular forecasting techniques that are used within the research to forecast exchange rates of Euro To highlight key issues that have been found to have implications on the future exchange rate fluctuations of Euro in the context of financial crisis 5. Methods and Data: Research methodology, according to Adams Schvaneveldt (1991) is the key towards highlighting feasibility of the research in the context of wider academic and practitioner environment. It has been argued within the research authenticity and reliability of findings of the research is also highly linked with the robustness of the research methodology and data collection strategy. According to Taylor Bogdan (1998) methodology in academic research can be seen as the way in which researchers approach the problem and seek its answers. Saunders et al (2003) has highlighted a prescriptive framework that can be used to achieve a robust methodology, which is referred to as research onion as decision at each ring has implications on the inner sections. The research onion would therefore be used to achieve the aim and objectives set out for this report and have been illustrated as follows: Research Onion (Saunders et al, 2003) 5.1 Methods: The research philosophy that underpins this proposed topic is positivism, which is an epistemological setting that has been used to reach definitive conclusion through positive verification (Saunders et el, 2003). The topic of exchange rate forecasting can be seen to have high degree of objectivity attached to it, which would require conclusive empirical evidence to be proven to hold or not to hold in the context of contemporary financial crisis. This is the reason that the research has found deduction to be aligned towards achieving the aim and objectives of this proposed research. The selection of epistemological philosophy and research approach for this proposed research has their implications on data collection strategy, which has been explained in the following sub-section. 5.2 Data: The researcher proposes multiple method research methods, which would help in achieving triangulation of data (Saunders et al, 2003) and the diverse range of research objectives of this proposed study (Taylor Bogdan, 1998). These methods include the following: Secondary Quantitative Research: The secondary quantitative data surrounding historical Euro exchange rate data would be collected along with the key macro, micro and meso business environment changes that have impacted on the turbulence and fluctuations within the exchange rate data. Drawing upon Adams Schvaneveldt (1991), secondary data collection can help in acquiring audited data that has already been checked for its internal consistency, therefore reducing overall time and resource allocation. It has been argued by Saunders et al (2003) that secondary data provides the advantage of collecting both longitudinal and cross sectional data, which is the requirement of this proposed research, where forecasting and exchange rate data surrounding Euro would be required in both traditional and contemporary sense for the purpose of comparison. Semi-Structured Interviews: The primary data surrounding the effectiveness of different forecasting methods used for Euro exchange rate will be achieved through semi-structured interviews with forex traders. According to Taylor Bogdan (1998), this data source can help achieve significant insight into the topic under analysis and can therefore help recommend changes to the current forecasting techniques. The sampling technique that would be used to select forex traders to comment on forecasting effectiveness of the exchange rate of Euro in the contemporary financial crisis conditions would be random sampling. Saunders et al (2003) has argued that using semi-structured interviews provides high degree of control to the researcher in terms of focusing key areas that require further elaboration and discussion. 6. Research Ethics: Ethics within the context of academic research has been highlighted by Wells (1994) as the code of behaviour that can be seen as appropriate and acceptable by other academics and practitioners within the field. It can therefore be argued that the definition is broad and subjective, however there are prescribed codes of conduct and ethics highlighted by a number of market research institutions and associations. It should be noted that the only ethical exposure of the current research is associated with the primary data collection, where semi-structured interviews would be collected. Drawing upon Saunders et al (2003), the researcher would therefore develop an informed consent with the interviewees to include any information provided by them into the analysis and final report. In order to streamline the ethical implications of this proposed study, the researcher would therefore use the guidelines of market research given by the renowned MRS association. The use of such ethical underpin nings would help this proposed research, its key findings report and further recommendations to be free from any ethical issue. 7. Time Scale and Resources: It should be noted that the current proposed research is bound by limited time period and resources. The allocation of time and resources has therefore been analysed to highlight the feasibility of this research. Drawing upon Robsons (2002), the research should have low levels of risks in terms of researchers access to the resources required for the research. The key resources required for this research include access to academic literature and secondary traditional data surrounding Euro, which has been negotiated through ATHENS account from university library. The limited time has also been allocated to key aspects of the research and the division of time and labour has been highlighted with the help of the following Gantt chart. In the light of recommendations by Taylor Bogdan (1998), the researcher would use Microsoft Project to keep track of the progress and milestones surrounding the research. Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Steps 1 Preliminary research ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   2 Objective Clarification ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   3 Semi-structured Interviews ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   4 Commercial Literature ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   5 Academic Literature ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   ÂÂ   6 Progress Report 7 Data Analysis and Processing 8 Final Report Gantt Chart of Key Activities

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Stephen Carter The Inssufficiency Of Honesty Summary

Integrity and honesty are often thought to coincide: many people believe that is true. Author Stephen L. Carter wrote â€Å"The Insufficiency of Honesty†, which was published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1996. He argues that a person can have honesty without ever reflecting back on whether or not what they believe is necessarily true, which is not exactly integrity. Carter builds his credibility in his writing by stating that he was giving a university commencement address, citing statistics and using prominent sources. He also gives well thought out examples to help strengthen his argument that one can be honest without having integrity. In his writing, Carter first explains what he means by honesty by giving his definition and then Sissela†¦show more content†¦She says that she understands. In due course she does wind up pregnant. If we believe, as I hope we do, that the man would ordinarily have a moral responsibility toward both the child he will have helped bring i nto the world and the childs mother, then his honest statement of what he intends does not spare him that responsibility.† This example is one of many that he makes in his appeal to pathos. A man has a responsibility to his child, whether he stated he didnt want it before or not. Carter explains that if honesty were to be substituted for integrity, then he were to say that he had no intention do something, then he is not obligated to do it. However, Integrity does not allow us to avoid such a thing. This builds his appeal to pathos by giving an example that many of us face or have faced in the real world. Carter effectively makes appeals to both pathos and logos in the middle sections. This content has many examples that will make the reader contemplate both sides of an example that help adequately explain how someone can be honest well lacking integrity. He uses an appeal to pathos when he speaks of the dying husband and how he finally unburdens himself while he was dying by telling his wife that he was unfaithful once thirty five years ago. However, now the wife will not be able to exactly remember hi m in quite a loving way as before. However, the husband has unburdened himself and can now die with an easy conscience, but his

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Research Based Essay Global Food System and Dietary Needs

Question: Discuss about the Research Based Essayfor Global Food System and Dietary Needs. Answer: Introduction In the essay Escape from the Western Diet, the author talks about the diet of western people and also advices them to escape from the same. The author highlighted the negative impact of the western diet on the health of people (Pollan 2012). The disease caused by this type of diet has been named as western disease. Pollan has also supported the poor diet of the Western people by relevant theories. On the other hand, the author has also showed how effectively the food production industries have been benefiting from these food products. Basically, Pollan wanted to create awareness about the degrading condition of the food industry and the way the food products are proving harmful to the consumers (Pollan 2012). In the essay, Big Food, Food System, and Global Health it has been pointed out that the Global food systems are not meeting the food standard and the dietary needs of the global population (Stuckler and Marion 2012). On one hand, it has been evident that one billion people are hungry and on the other hand, two billon people are over weighed. Millions of people are underweight and malnourished. The evidence of malnourished and overweighed people clearly signifies the unbalanced nature of the distribution of food worldwide. In order to understand the reason behind the imbalance of the food system, the Worlds largest food manufacturers have been questioned over their dominance and their responsibility in the Global Food market (Stuckler and Marion 2012). Keeping the instances of the findings from the two essays, it can be said that Global Food system and dietary needs in the present situation is in utter poor condition. Thus, a research can be carried on the understanding the present situation of the global food market and its impact on the health of the consumers (Gostin and Devi 2014). In this respect, an important point of consideration is to understand the Giant Food Production companies that rule the Global food production and supply. The drastic nutritional failure can be easily regarded as the responsibility failure of these food giants. As pointed out by Kim et al. (2013), half of the Worlds soft drink is produced by the Coca Cola and the Pepsi Company. Three-fourth of the Worlds food is available in the processed forms which are owned by very few manufacturers. These processed foods have very few nutritional values. Thus, it shall fall under the responsibility of these giant food manufacturers to take care of the global food production and that the food products meet the nutritional demand of the consumers as well (Moss 2013). However, such evidences are not found and the food and the beverage giants are found busy in making profits. In the lieu of this, these food manufacturers are found to use cheap ingredients that are not at all good for health. Not much effort is made to improve the quality as it shall increase the cost of the product and the company might have to compromise with its profitability. As argued by Ashraf et al. (2014), that in a food abundant world, it requires a new paradigm to address the food security and walk away from the production perspective of these giant food manufacturers. Considerable researches have been made in the past decade and strict precautionary measures have been made on the food security. However, focus has always been made on the agriculture and the food production system rather than on the food manufacturers. The global food production has never been higher than the present scenario (Jon et al. 2017). Several measures have been made to increase the food productivity and meet the global food demand. The increase in the production has almost tripled in last five decades but the crisis related to the global food system has still remained the same. In fact, the situation has declined by many folds. World is burdened with triple threats, namely, hunger, under nutrition and obesity. As commented by OSullivan and Tony (2014), feeding people is equally important as considering their health factors. Thus, intervention for better nutrition and a need to adapt health eating habits have become the most vital part of consideration in understanding the global food system and dietary needs. Reading Pollan (2012), it has been observed that the supply of food should be enough to feed the ever growing population and the millions of people that go hungry every single day. In fact, 165 million children under the age of five are victims of chronic malnutrition. If the situation of the processed food manufacturers is considered, there are 10 major companies who are the major producers of the food that we eat. It has been estimated that these manufacturing giants actually generate revenue of more than $1.1 billion a day. In fact, these companies are also responsible for engaging illegal labor for the ultimate outcome of the manufactured food. Thus, the capability of these food manufacturing giants cannot be challenged. As stated by Anderson and Miranda (2014), that the responsibility of these global food giants should not be limited to supplying the food products as per the demand of the market, but these companies should be more inclined and responsible towards considering the health of the consumers. In fact, the reason behind the poor health condition and the increasing obesity rate of the people in the Western countries are these giant companies. It has been argued by Ashraf et al. (2014), that these giant food manufacturers should also be responsible to consider the health aspects of the consumers. Several actions have been made on these giant food companies and they have been asked to focus on the health perspective of the consumers. Companies like Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Danone and other major food and drink producers are some of the companies that fall under this category. Other companies include Sainsbury, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Tate Lyle and the Unilever Ltd (Moss 2013). However, governmental plans have failed and the issues of obesity suffered a setback because these companies have been found to ignore the plea of the government to cut down fat, salt or sugar in their products. The giant food companies have been held responsible for the declining health condition of people around the world. The oligopolistic nature of business that these companies have been doing in the market has marked the disposition role of these companies in the market (Anderson and Miranda 2014). The food industry has miraculously escaped from all the blames that has been carrying out their business in the market without undertaking much concern of the degrading health condition of people (Moss 2013). In fact, these companies have also claimed that the primary cause of obesity cannot be the ingredients of the products that these companies serve, but there are other concealed reasons as well that people fail to recognize. The concern related to the declining health condition has still remained the utter point of consideration for both the consumers and the government as well. Products with high calorie and low nutritional value have dominated the market. With the increase in the options of food products, concerns related to the health and nutrition has been found to increase. Governmental actions have been evident in curbing the mal practices in food production techniques and the ingredients used in it. However, no such fruitful results have been evident that could be able to balance the imbalance of the over nourished and the malnourished people. By the end of the discussion, it has to be said that it falls under the major responsibilities of the food manufacturers to consider the effective means of serving the consumers in a right manner. References: Anderson, Katherine, and Miranda Mirosa. "Revealing barriers to healthier fast food consumption choices."British Food Journal116.5 (2014): 821-831. Ashraf, Mohammad A., Sharmin Akhter, and Saad Imran Noor. "Consumer behavior in fast food marketing in Bangladesh: A case study."Developing Country Studies4.9 (2014): 34-44. Campbell, Denis. Giant food firms fail to back battle against obesity Available at: (2012) [Accessed on: 3-4-2017] Gostin, Lawrence O., and Devi Sridhar. "Global health and the law."New England Journal of Medicine370.18 (2014): 1732-1740. Jou, Chin.Supersizing Urban America: How Inner Cities Got Fast Food with Government Help. University of Chicago Press, 2017. Kim, Jim Yong, Paul Farmer, and Michael E. Porter. "Redefining global health-care delivery."The Lancet382.9897 (2013): 1060-1069. Moss, Michael. Salt, sugar, fat: How the food giants hooked us. Random House, 2013. OSullivan, Michelle, and Tony Royle. "Everything and nothing changes: Fast-food employers and the threat to minimum wage regulation in Ireland."Economic and Industrial Democracy35.1 (2014): 27-47. Pollan, Micheal. "Escape from the Western Diet."They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing: With Readings2 (2012): 434-441. Stuckler, David, and Marion Nestle. "Big food, food systems, and global health."PLoS Med9.6 (2012): e1001242.